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Create from over 500 fabric patterns your own personal tailor-made shirt and live your style. 

Our shirts are made of 100% high-quality processed cotton in best quality. From just $89 we deliver in 2-3 weeks your personal tailor-made shirt!

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Get ideas and simplify the creation of your own shirt by using our collection shirts below as a starting point. Or like them as they are and just add them to your shopping cart, applying your custom measure. If you prefer us to take your measures, make an appointment (currently in Huston, TX only - please use the contact form to reach out to us), or simply pick one of the default measures. In our online shop, you also find a selection of hand picked accessories to accompany your new shirt!

how it works:

Create a shirt
Design your own shirt in our 3D Configurator. You can save the shirts in your shopping cart and adjust them later.
Try it!
Take your measurement
This is a one-time step. After that, your measurements will be stored in the user profile, so you can conveniently order them later.
Look forward: After ordering and payment (we offer payment in advance and credit card) we deliver your shirts already within 2-3 weeks home!
Does not fit?
If something does not fit, the adjustment goes to us! We will compensate you for the cost of alteration in the event of tailoring.*
*) Up to a certain upper limit. Contact us for details if you have such a case.
  1. Create your own shirt with the 3D Designer. There are over 30 different designs available, such as collars, cuffs, breast pockets, buttons, etc.

    The shirt remains stored and can be changed later to the order - even if you have already added the shirt to the basket in order to create additional shirts (use the pencil button to edit a created shirt in the basket again).

  2. Open an account to ensure that your shirts are saved and to complete your order.

  3. For example, you can record your measure with the new service Upcload (see "My Mass Profiles in the Menu"). You can also send us one of your favorite shirts from which we can take the mass (or measure it yourself and then create a dimension profile) We also offer standard stock, which you simply assign to your shirts in the shopping cart before you submit the order.

  4. If you would like, you can also make an appointment with us (use the contact form or send us an email to info@hemdmitstil.ch, currently only in Switzerland). You can see all the fabrics in the original at the time at your home or office! We also help you with the professional measurement of your upper body.

  5. After the order has been completed, you will receive an invoice and we will deliver your shirts within 2 - 3 weeks.

Our customers say:

Wanted to briefly report back that I got the two shirts yesterday. First class product! It looks great and fits very well. I'm looking forward to wearing them in my everyday life and will report again for new orders.

Marco  B. from Bern, Switzerland

Love my self designed and coloured shirt.

Fashionblogger Emvoyoe aus Karlsruhe (siehe Fotos)
Thumb polaroid emvoye2
Thumb polaroid emvoyoe3

Sitzen perfekt!

Fashionblogger Bernd Hower from Trier (See photos)

Thumb polaroid bernd

"Why should I buy a shirt from Hemdmitstil?"

A shirt off the rack does not always fit perfectly, and is not always available in your preferred style. In addition, every time you buy cloth at the department store or retail outlet, you need to check if your shirt or blouse matches your size. This does not have to be. With hemdmitstil you measure yourself once and we keep your measurements stored in the user account. With us you buy personal dress shirts or custom blouses, without leaving the house!

Nowadays individuality is more in demand than ever. For shirt style, you do not have to settle for standard designs. Instead, adjust them yourself. We offer various design options with countless possible combinations.

With years of experience in the field of fashion and high-quality textile production according to Swiss standards, we know what is important. With our new 3D shirt configurator you can now create your own shirt designs and emphasize your individuality. We are constantly working on the further development and plan to introduce further style elements so that you can let your creativity run even more freely. In addition, we work together with the company Upcload, which has developed innovative software for measuring the body via webcam. This allows you the unprecedented comfort of buying tailored clothing without having to leave home or make appointments! If you have a comprehensive consultation z. B. at home, this is not a problem. Just write us and we will make an appointment together.

Design shirts yourself - buy shirt online at hemdmitstil.ch

Whether at work or privately - well-fitting shirts are essential for a neat impression. But it is not so easy to find them. Often, there is hardly any time between office, family and friends to find a suitable business. So that you do not rush through the shopping streets shortly before closing time and that you may not pick up a shirt made of high-quality material or the right size of your choice shirt in the department store, we offer you a comfortable solution: In our shop you can design your own shirts or buy shirts from our catalog online - in peace and comfort from home.

We help you to design your own shirts

Shirts design made easy! Our range of fabrics includes an exclusive selection of different materials, colors, finishes and patterns. Choose from over 500 possibilities of your favorite and start designing your new shirts directly. In addition, you decide for yourself which cut shape, sleeve length and collar design your shirt should have. Details like cuffs, breast pockets and epaulettes are also in your hands. Our practical 3D configurator allows you to design individual shirts as you like and very easy. Stand out from the crowd and emphasize your personal style by simply designing your own shirts!

It's so easy to buy your dress shirts online

By ordering dress shirts online, you not only save valuable free time, but also unnecessary costs and efforts. You do not have to re-try every time you buy to see if the garment is the size you want it to be, or you need to get it to the nearest change tailor after you buy it. If you design your own shirts and buy your personal tailor-made shirts online, these problems are a thing of the past. Check us out and we'll have this information ready to hand you next time you order your dress shirts online. In doing so they do not have to stand in front of a mirror with the measuring tape - but of course they can, if they wish. You are also welcome to make an appointment with one of our style consultants in Switzerland or to have a modern take on the web by our cooperation partner Upcload. It is your decision what makes you feel most comfortable. After the survey, nothing stands in the way of your fashion dream and you can design tasteful shirts around the clock and then order the dress shirts online. It is possible for you to select numerous details according to your wishes and to design your own shirts.

Discover your benefits: Order tailor made shirts online

We attach great importance to the satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, we not only want you to be able to design your own high-quality shirts yourself, but above all to be able to wear them for a long time. For this reason, we offer you a very special service: If, contrary to expectations, something does not fit, you do not have to immediately design a completely new shirt, but can have your model adapted to our cost in your area. In addition, speedy work is important to us. If you buy your dress shirts online, keep them in your hands within 2-3 weeks.In addition to the possibility to design individual shirts, we also offer you in our shop elegant accessories such as ties, cufflinks and belts, which you can order to the Masshemden online can. You will only want to buy your tailored shirts online!

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